About Me…the author of this blog right here…

Wow, you took the time to come read about me…that’s some dedication right there. Well you came here to read about me so here you go:

1. I am a girl, a girl named Kaley. A generic girl, brownish/blondish/reddish hair, blue eyes, of average height.

2. I am currently 19 years old…and getting older by the minute, wall actually millisecond is a bit more accurate.

3. I’m from Colorado, it’s a great state. You should visit sometime.

4. I have done nothing really creditable to make anything I say note worthy.

5. Completely random facts:

I’m a dancer,

I like Milk,

I’m obsessed with Ironman,

I hate Taylor Swift and country music (well hate is a strong word, strongly dislike is a better way to say it. Sorry all you T-Swift fans, but you know what this means? It means you have a greater chance of getting her concert ticket, cause I ain’t buying one.)

I would rather live in the country than in a big city.

Cat person (but I like dogs too.)

My favorite color is blue

And of you have made it this far…gold star for you! I’m so proud! :’)





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