A Series Of Short Stories…

Hello there,

I see that I am boring the world with my Non-Fiction blog here, which I haven’t used for about a year. With that being said I am going to put some short stories I wrote for my Creative Writing class on here….Why? You might ask. Because I can. You might find one of them interesting, I don’t know. Who knows what you like and dislike…but I don’t really care because Imma’ do what I want. So here you go.

#Story #1 -This was the 1st one we had to write in class. It is an introduction to a character.

Ashlynn’s Morning schedule


5:30- My mom always says that there’s no time like the present, so why waste it in bed? Her opinion is made fact by the shrill ringing of my Hello Kitty alarm clock each morning and the little note she leaves by my bed. Not the usual start time for a twelve year old but I am one of the exceptions. Rubbing my eyes, I opened today’s note and read it.

In order to eat your breakfast, you must complete the following:

25 jumping jacks

50 crunches

25 squats

Answer this question: If a tree falls in the forest and no one is around to hear it, does it make a sound? Answer and explain your reasoning.

-Love Mom

I sighed, placing my favorite stuffed bear beside me, a pink sparkly thing with glitter glue glopped one of the right arm. Time to get up and get to work.

6:00- After the short morning workout, and wake-me-up brain teaser, I’m technically allowed to go eat breakfast. I dress myself quickly. Pink skirt, check. Matching shoes, check. Signature side ponytail, check. Hopping down the stairs two at a time, I skip along into the kitchen.

6:30- My breakfast lay on the table warm and ready to eat. Blueberry oatmeal, it gives a slow rise in blood sugar that provides a longer, steady fuel release to enhance creativity and brain activity. A bowl of fresh barriers, to help cognitive functions such as memory and focus. A glass of cranberry juice, for cardiovascular health. As usual I make a covert attempt to nonchalantly just eat my breakfast but as usual I am thwarted by my dad. He sits at the head of table nose deep in a newspaper, he doesn’t even need to look up to know my actions.

“Nuh-uh, your answer please.” Never even looked up. I mentally rolled my eyes.

“Uh, the same way you know a tree is falling when no one is around to see it…” My sarcasm heavy like the dew on the flowers outside.

“Don’t give me your circular logic. A real answer please.”

6:45- After explaining the pure physics answer I was able to eat my breakfast in peace. To be honest I took the easy way out completely neglecting the philosophy of the situation. Breakfast is followed by memory training. Sometimes my mother will show me a picture of a passage in the encyclopedia, or any other book for that matter, and make me recite it back. Or a simple matching game where she shows me positions of geometric picture cards and then makes me remember where they were, blindfolded. Then again memorizing is practically useless when she switches the positions of the cards regularly.

7:00- I practice with a musical instrument for half an hour or sometimes forty-five minutes. I am pretty good at the violin, piano, flute, and cello. I’m currently learning the French horn. My mom says the arts are just as important as smarts, so therefore she makes sure I’m artistically inclined as well as book smart.

7:30- “Give me the names and capitals of each formally recognized country. Alphabetically if you please.” Dad quizzes me after I brush my teeth.

“All a hundred and ninety-six of them?”

“One ninety-five. Technically Taiwan is not formally recognized.” My dad has no mercy. At least this was better than Latin roots or governmental regimes.

“Afghanistan’s capitol is Kabul, Albania’s is Tirana, Algeria-Algiers…”

7:45-My parents give me most of the subjects they want me to now, but fifteen minutes before I leave for school I get to pick something totally random to learn. Tai Chi, anatomy, how to change a tire, anything I can think of. Last Friday I learned how to fold origami. Yesterday, I taught myself how to defend myself against multiple assailants. Today I’m looking at how to invest stocks properly. It is by far the most relaxing part of my morning since my parents don’t quiz me on the information. It is a time for me and just me.

8:00- I hurriedly grab my backpack, pink with lavender and light blue owls all over it. School starts in fifteen minutes. Dad is already out the front door and I’m heading that direction. But before I reach the open door a hand shuts it tight and blocks my way.

“Not so fast.” My mother’s last minute quiz. “Name three effects of the Great Depression.” While she said this she through a mixed-up Rubik’s cube at me. She then started a stopwatch on her phone.

“Mass migrations, increased crime rate, and the usual unemployment and homelessness.” I said while twisting the little colored faces. I finished and tossed it back to mom. She stopped her stop watch and glanced up.

“Thirteen seconds. That’s good.” She moved away from the door and gave me a hug before I ran through. Time for school, the easiest part of the day. School was a waste of my time, but it was a waste of time I loved wasting. In the car a buckled my seat belt and gazed out the window of the backseat. I felt my dad’s eyes on me through the rearview mirror.

“Ashlynn, you’re going to a new school starting today.” He sounded very casual.

“What?” My gazed snapped away from the window and on my dad’s eyes.

“Today you are transferring.”

*All these stories/characters are my own. But feel free to draw inspiration.


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