The Bookend…


First off I’d like to say: I like writing. I like the kind of writing where no one else reads it but me. That way everyone’s happy. I can write stuff and everyone else doesn’t have to read it.  So basically everything I have to write and publish for the entire world to see, it freaks me out! When you put your thoughts out into the world people will form an opinion of you and your opinion, which I find to be a little nerve racking. I know everyone is worried about being criticized and judged, I mean that’s just life people are going  to judge you; however, I try to avoid any situation like this all together. Unfortunately avoiding the situations in this class I’m writing a blog for would result in a failing grade…. so there’s no way around it.

If it were up to me I would get rid of all the homework which what this blog originally was… but I know that’s just the 10 year old in me feeling that. If it were up to me we would all write for ourselves and not share with anyone… but that’s just the super unconfident girl in me. If it were up to me we would write about things we are interested in telling… and we are, so I guess that’s the writer in me.

This blog is the final result of all I have learned in class, which is a lot I kid you not (Ha, that rhymed!) and in no way is it a perfect example of non-fictional writing, it is just me talking to you.

This  is also the part of the show where I come out and say what all I have learned since starting this fantastical journey of writing. Because apparently you are supposed to learn thing during these endeavors… What happens if I didn’t learn anything? What then? Do I fail the learning experience? Sorry for the rant…moving on. I’m kind of oblivious to these sort of things and I also don’t like to critique myself. I usually just end up saying all the bad things I because I don’t know what I do well. So we’ll just see where this leads us…

Going back in the day, way back, like to mid February; as the young inexperienced writer I was tried to relate her thoughts to the world. I stared to read some of the very first blog posts I wrote. I can Probably say that it is probably a fact that I probably used the word “probably” a lot…probably. Really just repeating things is my problem. I think my writing vocabulary has somewhat increased due to the sheer amount of writing I actually had to do (I also use “somewhat” a lot). So if there is anything I have learned over this semester it is how to say what you need to say (haha, that’s a song by John Mayer that my mom and I think is repetitious, redundant and it repeats itself.) anyway, saying what you need to say without repeating too many words or ideas. That’s not an easy feat. I also learned that revision and editing are actually helpful and make your writing better, I know…no duh right? How knew those things your teacher taught you would actually come in handy? But seriously I’ve never actually got into the whole editing thing, but in reality it’s really useful. Took me long enough to figure it out though…

One other thing, my teacher said to “Write about what you thought you’d learn, but didn’t.” I fail to see how I would be able to think I’ve learned something that I actually haven’t… because if I hadn’t learned it yet how would I know I hadn’t learned it yet? That’s right I couldn’t, could I? That’s just a confusing thing to try to explain, so I’m going to skip that part…

I know longer believe that I’m bad at writing. I no longer believe that college is a place where you can’t make mistakes. I no longer believe that  life is handed to you. I no longer believe that California is a scary place where people cannot make it even if they tried. I no longer believe that America is the only place I can be successful. I no longer believe that the earth is flat….just kidding, I never believed that.

So now it is your turn. Whether or not you want to read my thoughts about the world is your decision.I learned a lot from reading other peoples’ work, maybe you’ll learn something from me?

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