Truth about me…well In three pictures

Before I say anything I think we should get better acquainted…. cause I don’t know you and you don’t know me. I think. When you first meet someone you don’t know you can’t just blindly trust them right off the bat, unless that’s what you do… then I must say, wow you are a very trusting person.  But most people need a little “get-to-know-you” session before they feel comfortable. You first ask some  questions to understand the person you just met.  So I just thought I’d introduce myself a little bit, since asking you questions would be a bit counterproductive…. but maybe I’ll ask them anyway.

Desert Island

So #1-If I was trapped on a island the one luxury item I would bring a kindle or nook full of books. (This is after I brought all the necessary items like a knife, water filter, matches or flint, and other things like that.) I’m easily bored and I like reading, so lots of books would be the answer. But in reality, I wouldn’t have gotten trapped on island in the first place, it would be boring….unless of course there was a zombie apocalypse going on in the rest of the world, then I would say that the island looks like a fine place to just kick back and relax while the rest of the world is going to pieces…

-Question for you (I know this is like talking to a two way mirror, but just humor me.) First what one thing would you bring on a island, and second, if there was a zombie apocalypse do you think I would be a good wing-man in your group? (it’s OK if you say no).


Ironman Drawing

#2. Well this is kind of a superficial one, but I have a slight infatuation with Ironman because he is my favorite superhero. I mean who doesn’t like Ironman? But seriously, you would be able to tell this 5 minutes after meeting me. Like my whole room is filled with Ironman memorabilia and I have a bunch of ironman clothing. On another note, I also am a decant artist. I like to draw and paint and other artsy things such as those. So this really is a combination of two little facts about me. Two for the price of one, lucky you.

-Question: Who is your favorite superhero? Better yet, who is your favorite super villain?


Truth about me....

#3-As you can see from this picture I’m a dancer. it’s what I love to do. Though I have never thought of myself as a “great” dancer because I have confidence issues, it is something a really enjoy doing and I strive to make myself better in any way possible.

Credited: Myself

Well now that we are practically best friends, I mean this was basically all you needed to know about me to be best friends, I guess I can get into the really deep stuff… Just kidding, but fair warning if you keep reading you are basically reading me…so there you go.


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