Songs that interest me…

Music is a rather touchy subject if you think about it. People have their favorite artist and artists they absolutely can’t stand. They have genres of music that they love and hate. And when someone says they don’t like a song, an artist, a genre, people get all touchy and angry about it. Aren’t people aloud to have opinions, aren’t we aloud to not like things? I am wired. I don’t like “artists” or ‘genres.” I like songs. If I hear a song and I like, it I get it. But that doesn’t necessarily mean I like the artist, it means I like the particular song.

If you can tell a lot about a person by the music on their iPod, I have no idea what you could tell about me! I have a mishmash of all genres and artists. A bunch of random songs. so here are some songs I, personally, like and have on my iPod: what does it say about me?

A french song by Stromae.

Shakira! Shakira…you know her hips don’t lie.

Kpop, I seriously wish I could dance like that…

Eminem…yep, I look like a looser when I sing/rap this…..

30 Seconds to Mars.

and some good old Kerli to finish it off.


what does your music say about you? Does it mean anything really?


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