Not a Real Millennial?…

A letter to those to in the Millennial generation, which I am supposedly in…

Dear audience outside my generation,

Some how I don’t feel qualified to give any insight on the Millennial generation since I flunked out. Yes, on the quiz we had to take of one of my classes I got a 30…out of 100. THAT’S A 30%!! THAT’S AN F!!! I have never revived an ‘F’ in my life! 73 to 100 is a Millennial, I am somewhere between an Baby Boomer and an Gen Xer according to this quiz. Technically I failed the Millennial test, it is like asking someone to drive you somewhere when they failed their driving test. The question I’m supposed to be answering righ now says to show how I personally can’t entirely be defined by the Millennial Generation tag. Well if it is based on this test than my personality is entirely opposite of the Millennial Generation, however, people and what people answer on tests are different. So no one can really be defined by the tests they take, or the clothes they wear, the music they listen to….. or if they have a tattoo or not. I’m going to stop ranting now…

So let’s start again. Dear Audience of Baby Boomers and Gen Xer’s let me try and explain…

It seems that every generation has certain traits or characteristics that define them, like 80’s hair bands and clothing, or 90’s hip hop and pop music. But just because many people during that time decided to do things similarly to one another does not mean that the entire generation did so. I’m sure not everyone decided to join that hippie craze though lots of people chose to do so. Every person is different, and I’m sure this sounds tacky but: you can’t judge a book by it’s cover.poison1



I think this can be applied to every generation ever. When I asked people what defines our generation as a whole every person answered first with something relating to technology. Be it social media  or the lack of communication skills due to technology,  they each stated that the main characteristic that defines our generation is our use of technology. I figured this would be the answer from most people. Now I know you other generations use tech too, however not to the extent we do. I mean we were born into a world on the  edge of a technological revolution and everyone  else had to live and watch it happen. All the other generations had to accept the changes that society was going through whether they wanted to or not. I know that had to be hard as things you never even imagined started to happen. As someone who doesn’t necessarily like change I know that it can be frustrating.  With technology, it is always changing and someone will always know more than you, and sometimes you feel that the younger generation thinks they are superior to you. Which brings me to my next point…

The morals and values of the Millennial generation.

First off I’m just going to say I’m sorry. I’m sorry for my generation’s appearance of superiority and knowledge. Not all of us are like that. The Millennial generation comes off confident and passionate and always thinking they know what’s right for themselves…and then there’s me and people like me. For me personally, I have always had trouble connecting with people my age. The only people I feel confident to talk to are adults and kids….it’s the people in between I have trouble with. i don’t want to talk to people who think they are always right or their opinions are obviously the correct ones.

See I just have this thing that we could learn from the older generations, I don’t think our generation knows everything. I think we think we know everything, but we don’t.  I wish that our generation would have a little bit more respect for our elders, I know that some do, there are lots of respectful Millennials out there. There are also a lot of disrespectful ones as well. Sometimes it seems that there are only disrespectful, immoral kids out there, the kind that make people say “kids these days.” But I’m here to tell you that we’re here, we just don’t project the kind of attention that gets people noticed in a negative way. I think patience is the key here. Be patient, we have good intentions at heart, I think.

I don’t know what I can say, I apparently have no idea how my generation thinks, so no one should be asking me. All I know is that the people around me are loud and proud, they act like they don’t listen but they do. They act like they don’t care what people think, but in all actuality that’s all they think about. Most of us are pretty good kids. Now there are always exceptions to the rule, everyone is different.  We’ll probably be in your position in a few years and be saying the same thing about the next few generations…so Thanks for putting up with us.

Love, Kaley

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2 thoughts on “Not a Real Millennial?…

  1. So one of the most interesting aspects of this letter, is that in tone and subject you do fit into one of the characteristics of your generation: “They respect their elders.” Nice twist. Do remember to include voices of others to gain added depth.

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