Making a video…

Once upon a time, my roommate Riley wanted to make dance video to one of her favorite songs, Tori Kelly’s “Dear No One”. She asked my other roommate to film it and she asked me if I wanted to help as well. Well confiding by the roommate code, I said sure I’ll help, cause that’s what friends are for. So we set off in the morning the misleadingly cool morning…

We filmed in a couple of different spots around our college campus like underneath one of the shady trees surrounding Piatza. Then we journeyed to a farmers market a little ways away to finish it. Man! That was the most brutal part, all that delicious food…no money, it was like torture! I would like to say I had an extremely important,a painstakingly vital role in this whole smorgasbord of artsy-ness. Yes, I did do some rather awful acting in it, and Yes, I did give my advice when asked, but mostly I was a pack mule. And let me tell you it was a job I didn’t take lightly. Man, I slogged through that farmers market like nobody’s business! It was a pretty good arm workout which made me really tired after about 5 minutes, aided by the fact that it was a billion degrees outside that day. I had no idea how long it would take… and it took forever.

But anyway, the fact is it takes a lot of different elements or factors to make something, especially things with film. We filmed from so many different angles in so many different places for the one dance scene. It was all about the detail, you won’t know what works until you see the footage. Together, with of without words, those elements tell a story that everyone can somewhat understand. And by the end of a full morning and afternoon of shooting footage over and over again, lugging heavy backpacks and equipment around, and sweating off at least 10 pounds in the heat, we finally ended up with that story. The finished product was a little rough but hey, it was our first time. I think it is great that people have so many different ways to express themselves. It kind of brings people together while still showing everyone differently. Like YouTube for instance. Everyone on that site makes videos = community, however everyone on that site makes videos differently to reflect their tastes and personalities = individuality. Everyone can express themselves however they want.  So…yeah…there’s something to chew on. It was an adventure for me that I have never done before, I learned a lot.

I also have a whole new found respect for people involved in film. Good job guys, I kind of understand what you go through…but not really.

Our totally awesome-low budget-supper artsy-video


I also did a video for my friend’s final project. It to a really long time to make and it was really messy….like I took a shower with my clothes on to get the paint off… so here that is for your entertainment:


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