Kaley was Here…or maybe she wasn’t.

*Warning-Sad thoughts ahead, read at your own risk…

When I started thinking about what I was going to write here it just made me really sad. Sure this is supposed to be my mark, like me signing the internet or something. I’m supposed to say something that will be remembered, encapsulating myself in to the world, never to be forgotten. Like signing “I was here” on something is going to be seen by people. But then I thought, no one will actually care if I was here or not… I mean out of the few random people who find this blog, and those who actually read what I say, how many are going to actually care? Not many I can tell you… And then that made me think about history and people in general.

Lots of people want to be remembered. When they die they want to some how live on in the memories of those they helped or touched or inspired. Like all those people who’s names are in history books, have a day named after them, or Google commemorates on their birthday. But really not many people care about them. How many people do you remember out of your school history book? Probably only the really big ones like George Washington and Martin Luther King, Jr. But in 1000 years not many people are even going to remember what those guy even did, so what chance do us average Joes have on making a mark on the world…. slim to none. We’ll be remembered  by the people we touched, but when they die we will be forgotten.

It is like etching “I Was Here” in a stone in the forest. Oh, etched in stone, it’s not going anywhere. But then after years of rainfall and blizzards the stone has eroded into nothing but dust. it was like you were never there to begin with. What about books? Those last for a long time and probably will keep being read long in the future. Well, how many books or parchments do you read from 2500 BC. huh? that was only a few thousand years ago, what will our books be like in a few thousand years from now? Same thing. The truth is we will all be forgotten. There is no debating it, the world will forget the individual. The world will spin with or without you. I know that these are some grueling and sad sort of thoughts, but I just had to write them because that’s what I think. So forgive my pessimism on the subject, I don’t want to ruin your day. It just makes me sad that lots of people spend their entire lives trying to make a mark on the world, a legacy that will extend forever, but ultimately their work will not be remembered.

Maybe the people that live for the present have an idea about living, they don’t want to think about the future because it will happen no matter what they do. They don’t necessarily want to make a lasting mark on the world. I wish I could think that way sometimes, but I like to think about the future. And contrary tall the things I’ve written above, I do want to make a mark on the world. I just realize that that mark will eventually be erased. There are two different marks (well technically three) marks I could leave.  Take a marker on a white broad. It could be a dry or wet erase, a regular colored marker or a permanent marker. One is easily erased, one takes awhile and effort to erase, and one will mark the board forever and cause the board to be replaced. It’s up to me  to decide which marker to use, sure the board will be clean and white again eventually, but my mark will decide how much effort it will take to remove it. (A little hint: I it is the same as the make you leave in world. it will eventually be forgotten, but it’s up to you how long it will take to be forgotten).

So here it is:


Who was she?

I want to be seen as someone who thought original thoughts, someone who took the road less traveled.

I want to have helped and made a connection with as many people as humanly possible in my life.

I want to be known for not only being great at something, but also be remembered as being a great person.

I want to know that one person, somewhere, anywhere, was positively impacted by my actions; that one person’s life was changed because of me.

I want a lot of things but it is up to me to fulfill them. And when I die, because I know I will, I want to be able to think “I have done the best I can for those around me. I have been the best person I could be, and I am proud of my life.”

I want to leave a hand print that some one will find and wonder who left it.



*I know this was kind of sad to think about, but I kind of needed to say it, write it all out. You know just to get it out of my head. Don’t think to much on it, there are more pressing thins to think about.

Picture cited: Me


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