A Series Of Short Stories…

Hello there,

I see that I am boring the world with my Non-Fiction blog here, which I haven’t used for about a year. With that being said I am going to put some short stories I wrote for my Creative Writing class on here….Why? You might ask. Because I can. You might find one of them interesting, I don’t know. Who knows what you like and dislike…but I don’t really care because Imma’ do what I want. So here you go.

#Story #1 -This was the 1st one we had to write in class. It is an introduction to a character.

Ashlynn’s Morning schedule


5:30- My mom always says that there’s no time like the present, so why waste it in bed? Her opinion is made fact by the shrill ringing of my Hello Kitty alarm clock each morning and the little note she leaves by my bed. Not the usual start time for a twelve year old but I am one of the exceptions. Rubbing my eyes, I opened today’s note and read it.

In order to eat your breakfast, you must complete the following:

25 jumping jacks

50 crunches

25 squats

Answer this question: If a tree falls in the forest and no one is around to hear it, does it make a sound? Answer and explain your reasoning.

-Love Mom

I sighed, placing my favorite stuffed bear beside me, a pink sparkly thing with glitter glue glopped one of the right arm. Time to get up and get to work.

6:00- After the short morning workout, and wake-me-up brain teaser, I’m technically allowed to go eat breakfast. I dress myself quickly. Pink skirt, check. Matching shoes, check. Signature side ponytail, check. Hopping down the stairs two at a time, I skip along into the kitchen.

6:30- My breakfast lay on the table warm and ready to eat. Blueberry oatmeal, it gives a slow rise in blood sugar that provides a longer, steady fuel release to enhance creativity and brain activity. A bowl of fresh barriers, to help cognitive functions such as memory and focus. A glass of cranberry juice, for cardiovascular health. As usual I make a covert attempt to nonchalantly just eat my breakfast but as usual I am thwarted by my dad. He sits at the head of table nose deep in a newspaper, he doesn’t even need to look up to know my actions.

“Nuh-uh, your answer please.” Never even looked up. I mentally rolled my eyes.

“Uh, the same way you know a tree is falling when no one is around to see it…” My sarcasm heavy like the dew on the flowers outside.

“Don’t give me your circular logic. A real answer please.”

6:45- After explaining the pure physics answer I was able to eat my breakfast in peace. To be honest I took the easy way out completely neglecting the philosophy of the situation. Breakfast is followed by memory training. Sometimes my mother will show me a picture of a passage in the encyclopedia, or any other book for that matter, and make me recite it back. Or a simple matching game where she shows me positions of geometric picture cards and then makes me remember where they were, blindfolded. Then again memorizing is practically useless when she switches the positions of the cards regularly.

7:00- I practice with a musical instrument for half an hour or sometimes forty-five minutes. I am pretty good at the violin, piano, flute, and cello. I’m currently learning the French horn. My mom says the arts are just as important as smarts, so therefore she makes sure I’m artistically inclined as well as book smart.

7:30- “Give me the names and capitals of each formally recognized country. Alphabetically if you please.” Dad quizzes me after I brush my teeth.

“All a hundred and ninety-six of them?”

“One ninety-five. Technically Taiwan is not formally recognized.” My dad has no mercy. At least this was better than Latin roots or governmental regimes.

“Afghanistan’s capitol is Kabul, Albania’s is Tirana, Algeria-Algiers…”

7:45-My parents give me most of the subjects they want me to now, but fifteen minutes before I leave for school I get to pick something totally random to learn. Tai Chi, anatomy, how to change a tire, anything I can think of. Last Friday I learned how to fold origami. Yesterday, I taught myself how to defend myself against multiple assailants. Today I’m looking at how to invest stocks properly. It is by far the most relaxing part of my morning since my parents don’t quiz me on the information. It is a time for me and just me.

8:00- I hurriedly grab my backpack, pink with lavender and light blue owls all over it. School starts in fifteen minutes. Dad is already out the front door and I’m heading that direction. But before I reach the open door a hand shuts it tight and blocks my way.

“Not so fast.” My mother’s last minute quiz. “Name three effects of the Great Depression.” While she said this she through a mixed-up Rubik’s cube at me. She then started a stopwatch on her phone.

“Mass migrations, increased crime rate, and the usual unemployment and homelessness.” I said while twisting the little colored faces. I finished and tossed it back to mom. She stopped her stop watch and glanced up.

“Thirteen seconds. That’s good.” She moved away from the door and gave me a hug before I ran through. Time for school, the easiest part of the day. School was a waste of my time, but it was a waste of time I loved wasting. In the car a buckled my seat belt and gazed out the window of the backseat. I felt my dad’s eyes on me through the rearview mirror.

“Ashlynn, you’re going to a new school starting today.” He sounded very casual.

“What?” My gazed snapped away from the window and on my dad’s eyes.

“Today you are transferring.”

*All these stories/characters are my own. But feel free to draw inspiration.


The Bookend…


First off I’d like to say: I like writing. I like the kind of writing where no one else reads it but me. That way everyone’s happy. I can write stuff and everyone else doesn’t have to read it.  So basically everything I have to write and publish for the entire world to see, it freaks me out! When you put your thoughts out into the world people will form an opinion of you and your opinion, which I find to be a little nerve racking. I know everyone is worried about being criticized and judged, I mean that’s just life people are going  to judge you; however, I try to avoid any situation like this all together. Unfortunately avoiding the situations in this class I’m writing a blog for would result in a failing grade…. so there’s no way around it.

If it were up to me I would get rid of all the homework which what this blog originally was… but I know that’s just the 10 year old in me feeling that. If it were up to me we would all write for ourselves and not share with anyone… but that’s just the super unconfident girl in me. If it were up to me we would write about things we are interested in telling… and we are, so I guess that’s the writer in me.

This blog is the final result of all I have learned in class, which is a lot I kid you not (Ha, that rhymed!) and in no way is it a perfect example of non-fictional writing, it is just me talking to you.

This  is also the part of the show where I come out and say what all I have learned since starting this fantastical journey of writing. Because apparently you are supposed to learn thing during these endeavors… What happens if I didn’t learn anything? What then? Do I fail the learning experience? Sorry for the rant…moving on. I’m kind of oblivious to these sort of things and I also don’t like to critique myself. I usually just end up saying all the bad things I because I don’t know what I do well. So we’ll just see where this leads us…

Going back in the day, way back, like to mid February; as the young inexperienced writer I was tried to relate her thoughts to the world. I stared to read some of the very first blog posts I wrote. I can Probably say that it is probably a fact that I probably used the word “probably” a lot…probably. Really just repeating things is my problem. I think my writing vocabulary has somewhat increased due to the sheer amount of writing I actually had to do (I also use “somewhat” a lot). So if there is anything I have learned over this semester it is how to say what you need to say (haha, that’s a song by John Mayer that my mom and I think is repetitious, redundant and it repeats itself.) anyway, saying what you need to say without repeating too many words or ideas. That’s not an easy feat. I also learned that revision and editing are actually helpful and make your writing better, I know…no duh right? How knew those things your teacher taught you would actually come in handy? But seriously I’ve never actually got into the whole editing thing, but in reality it’s really useful. Took me long enough to figure it out though…

One other thing, my teacher said to “Write about what you thought you’d learn, but didn’t.” I fail to see how I would be able to think I’ve learned something that I actually haven’t… because if I hadn’t learned it yet how would I know I hadn’t learned it yet? That’s right I couldn’t, could I? That’s just a confusing thing to try to explain, so I’m going to skip that part…

I know longer believe that I’m bad at writing. I no longer believe that college is a place where you can’t make mistakes. I no longer believe that  life is handed to you. I no longer believe that California is a scary place where people cannot make it even if they tried. I no longer believe that America is the only place I can be successful. I no longer believe that the earth is flat….just kidding, I never believed that.

So now it is your turn. Whether or not you want to read my thoughts about the world is your decision.I learned a lot from reading other peoples’ work, maybe you’ll learn something from me?

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Truth about me…well In three pictures

Before I say anything I think we should get better acquainted…. cause I don’t know you and you don’t know me. I think. When you first meet someone you don’t know you can’t just blindly trust them right off the bat, unless that’s what you do… then I must say, wow you are a very trusting person.  But most people need a little “get-to-know-you” session before they feel comfortable. You first ask some  questions to understand the person you just met.  So I just thought I’d introduce myself a little bit, since asking you questions would be a bit counterproductive…. but maybe I’ll ask them anyway.

Desert Island

So #1-If I was trapped on a island the one luxury item I would bring a kindle or nook full of books. (This is after I brought all the necessary items like a knife, water filter, matches or flint, and other things like that.) I’m easily bored and I like reading, so lots of books would be the answer. But in reality, I wouldn’t have gotten trapped on island in the first place, it would be boring….unless of course there was a zombie apocalypse going on in the rest of the world, then I would say that the island looks like a fine place to just kick back and relax while the rest of the world is going to pieces…

-Question for you (I know this is like talking to a two way mirror, but just humor me.) First what one thing would you bring on a island, and second, if there was a zombie apocalypse do you think I would be a good wing-man in your group? (it’s OK if you say no).

Credited: http://blog.blomming.com/blog/top-5-places-to-spend-new-years-eve/

Ironman Drawing

#2. Well this is kind of a superficial one, but I have a slight infatuation with Ironman because he is my favorite superhero. I mean who doesn’t like Ironman? But seriously, you would be able to tell this 5 minutes after meeting me. Like my whole room is filled with Ironman memorabilia and I have a bunch of ironman clothing. On another note, I also am a decant artist. I like to draw and paint and other artsy things such as those. So this really is a combination of two little facts about me. Two for the price of one, lucky you.

-Question: Who is your favorite superhero? Better yet, who is your favorite super villain?

Credited: http://kiwihiwi.deviantart.com/art/Pencil-Drawing-Iron-Man-377633512

Truth about me....

#3-As you can see from this picture I’m a dancer. it’s what I love to do. Though I have never thought of myself as a “great” dancer because I have confidence issues, it is something a really enjoy doing and I strive to make myself better in any way possible.

Credited: Myself

Well now that we are practically best friends, I mean this was basically all you needed to know about me to be best friends, I guess I can get into the really deep stuff… Just kidding, but fair warning if you keep reading you are basically reading me…so there you go.

I am a master of being socially awkward…. true story bro.

Everyone is a tiny master of some thing.

For me, I’m a tiny master of ten things…or so I’m supposed to say I am.

1. Sarcasm…but aren’t we all.

2.Taking naps, I’m really good at this one…

3. Listening to what people have to say when they need it/ or even if I don’t agree with what they’re saying.

4. Respecting my elders.

5. Being “hipster” though I don’t like that word… I’m not calling myself that, everyone just says “Kaley you’re a hipster.” in which I reply ” No, I’m Kaley.”

6. I’m a kid whisperer. I’m really good with kids, they just seem to flock to me.

7. Eating food…pretty self explanatory.

8. Drawing, I like all types of artistic expression but drawing is one of my favorites.

9. Pretending I don’t see someone, I’m always like “Wow look at the ceiling! it’s so amazing!”

10. Being socially awkward.

No one can really teach you to be socially awkward, you just are. You are born a master of being socially awkward. I personally don’t think being socially awkward is that bad. I think it’s a common ground all people share. I’m awkward, you’re awkward, we’re all awkward! So this is a message to all socially awkward people: You are most defiantly not alone! I am speaking from  personal experience when I say I have been in more awkward situations then I can count, and I put myself in them!!! Sometimes it feels like I have experienced every single awkward situation over, but then a new one happens and my mind is blown!

Thinking about all those momets,

 when someone says “Hello!” and you say “Good thanks!”

When you think some one is waving and you think they’re waving at you…but they’re not.

when you say “Goodbye!” to someone but you both walk off in the same direction.

when you hold the door open for someone but they don’t walk through it. Or you hold the door for some one who is really far away and force them to run.

when you’re trying to explain how a song goes but you don’t want to sing it.

when you accidentally call your teacher “Mom”. (this was so embarrassing when it happened to me!)

when you don’t know if you should hug someone or not.

when you pull the push door even though it’s clearly signed.

when you have to make up an excuse to not hang out with someone because you’d rather chill at home.

when you don’t know which arm rest is yours at the cinema. Or someone uses your arm rest and you have nowhere to put your hands.

when you arrive at the party and see someone else wearing the same dress or something.

when you’re singing Happy Birthday but you don’t know the name of the person so you just mumble the name part.

when you’re talking to someone but you can’t remember their name, so you try to avoid using their name  as much as possible. (this is even more awkward if you start hanging out with them. and you still don’t know their name after a few months.)

when unexpected visitors arrive at 11am and you’re still in your PJ’s.

when you see someone that looks like someone you know, and you scream their name, and it’s not them.

when it’s quiet and you’re eating something crunchy.

when you can’t tell if someone is a boy or a girl.

when you pick up the remote control to answer the phone.

when you’ve slept through your alarm clock and need to make up some kind of excuse for it.

when you have a High School Musical song stuck in your head.

when you are introducing someone and get their name wrong.

when your in a class where you don’t speak to anyone, and your teacher says go find a partner.

when you step out of the shower and then realize there is no towel.

when you are gossiping about someone and they walk up behind you.

when you push on the toilet door thinking no one was inside.

when someone walks in while you’re changing.

when you confidently say the wrong answer aloud in class.

when someone is doing the dishes and you slowly put another dish in the sink.

when someone brings up an embarrassing moment you did not want to be reminded of.

when you’re trying to impress someone on the dance-floor but you dance into a pole.

when your friends make plans right in front of you, and the plans don’t include you.



I mean look at this chick (Me):

At the beach

She’s a walking nightmare, an awkward situation waiting to happen.

Ok so I know this happens to everyone sometime (unless it doesn’t):

So say I’m walking along minding my own business when, Hark! there is someone I know walking in the opposite direction. But I really don’t want to take the time to say hi or engage in short meaningless conversation. What do I do? Oh, wow look at the sky! hm, that building is really intriguing! Oh, I got a nonexistent text message! Anything to avoid eye contact with that person I know. It’s a relatively awkward situation, but I’m sure I’m not the only person who does this. In social situations like this I tend to make the situation more difficult then it actually has to be, more to the awkward side of things. Could I have just said “Hi” and been on my way, yes. Do I, no…unless it’s unavoidable and then I just feel really weird saying hi. Especially when you see that person from really far away, and they see you, and you just don’t know when the proper time to actually say something is….Then you end up just staring at each other for an uncomfortable amount of time while you’re walking towards each other (Pause to take a few breaths) Unless this doesn’t happen to you, then you can stop reading this because you wouldn’t understand the feeling. (sarcasm). With all you’re awesome social skills, I bet you experience zero awkward situations what-so-ever.

Some people just walk in the light… I am  not one of those people, you may not be one of those people….

So here’s to the people that stand out in group photos for being the wired one,

who almost always say the wrong thing,

who walk in to a room, expecting it to be the place you’re supposed to be, and being greeted by the stares of the class that is clearly not yours….

who laugh when no one else laughs, or keep laughing when everyone else stops,

who do something they never do one time, and that is the time someone is watching,

To the people who will always be awkward at heart, I sulute you!

Easy a

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Trying to keep up with the world…

In college I find that I am in a knowledge little bubble. I find that I have no idea what is going on in the rest of the country, let alone the rest of the world. I am completely oblivious because it seems that everything is happening somewhere else and will not effect me. But of course that is a lie. lots of things are going to effect me.

bubbleI’m not sure if this will effect me in the future but it is happening now. Ok so next spring semester I am studying abroad in South Korea (I’m so excited! Korean Food!) but there could be trouble, I am actually not worried at all. So the Drudgereport.com had a link to this story “Koreas exchange fire near disputed sea boundary.” Now this is happening on the other side of the world, and I don’t even know if it is true. I mean you can’t believe everything on the internet, lots of it is actually not true. But I’m going to treat this story as if it were true.


So here’s what’s up according to the article

“SEOUL, South Korea (AP) — North and South Korean warships exchanged artillery fire Thursday in disputed waters off the western coast, South Korean military officials said, in the latest sign of rising animosity between the bitter rivals in recent weeks.

Officials from the South’s Joint Chiefs of Staff and Defense Ministry said a South Korean navy ship was engaged in a routine patrol near the countries’ disputed maritime boundary in the Yellow Sea when a North Korean navy ship fired two artillery shells. The shells did not hit the South Korean ship and fell in waters near it, they said.

The South Korean ship then fired several artillery rounds in waters near the North Korean ship which also did not hit it, said the officials, who spoke on condition of anonymity because of office rules.

South Korea was trying to determine if the North Korean ship had attempted to hit the South Korean vessel but missed, or if the shells were not meant to hit the ship.

Both Koreas regularly conduct artillery drills in the disputed waters. The sea boundary is not clearly marked, and the area has been the scene of three bloody naval skirmishes between the rival Koreas since 1999.

North Korea has in recent weeks conducted a string of artillery drills and missile tests and has unleashed a torrent of racist and sexist rhetoric at the leaders of the U.S. and South Korea.

On Tuesday, South Korean navy ships fired warning shots to repel three North Korean warships that briefly violated the disputed sea boundary. On Wednesday, North Korea’s military vowed to retaliate.”


-So basically the moral of this story….Tension, there is tension. Now some people might be like “Oh my goodness, it’s not safe in South Korea at this time. What if it escalates as time goes on? I don’t think anyone should travel there.” Well those people should stop being worry worts. I’m just going to say that the last time we saw the Koreas in the news it was for the “missile” launching and army building North Korea was doing. While the rest of the world made it a big deal and thought this was an actual threat, South Korea was not even phased, not even that worried. Nobody was freaking out over there. I don’t think it is anything to be worried about. There is tension between a lot of countries. America has a lot of tension with other countries. That doen’t stop other people from coming here or me from living here.


The world is never going to be a totally safe place, all disputes are not going to be resolved by hugs, when you fall pillows won’t appear and soften your fall. Sometimes I wonder why so many people want world peace. It is never going to happen, if there are differences of opinion there are going to be disputes. But I realize if we all thought this way there would be wars raging all the time. there needs to be people who want world peace to balance out the people who know there will never be any.

anyway, that got super off topic. I just wanted to see what was going on in the world and that story caught my eye. Do with it what you will..


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Things I need to tell you about puzzle pieces…

*Disclaimer: What you choose to read is your decision…just don’t take it out on me, I’m just one person.

Setting: We’re in a park, you and I. The trees are nice and green and the clouds in the sky look like cotton. You and I are sitting at a table under a massive tree working on this really hard puzzle, like a 1000 piece, double sided one. Lucky for you I’m really good at puzzles, but anyway…

Characters: You and me, and everyone else as a point of reference.

Situation: We decided to finish our puzzle outside today and we end up having a conversation about things like equality, fairness and individuality relating it to the puzzle we are trying to complete. This is a discussion that represents opposite viewpoints so for the sake of a rounded conversation you are going to have the opposite opinion of me. If that’s not what you believe, understandable, just pretend.

Ok, let’s get started. Let’s skip the introduction and needless conversation about how each of us is doing and how nice the weather is.



You: Why do they have to make puzzle pieces so difficult! All these differences are just a hassle. I can never find where they go! (You are trying to connect two pieces that obviously do not go together.)

Me: If the pieces were all the same it would be no fun and you wouldn’t have to actually think to solve it.

You: Yeah, well it would sure be a lot easier if all the pieces were just the same! If I was a puzzle that’s how I would be. (Giving up on the two pieces you were trying to fit together and moving on to two new pieces.)

Me:  So you would be boring and unable to be finished? (I connect three pieces together and slide them into their proper place in the puzzle, I told you I was good at puzzles…)

You: What do you mean ‘unable to be finished’?

Me: Well if all the pieces were the same there would be no end pieces to finish the picture, just more of the same pieces. If there are no end pieces the puzzle would just go on and on forever. So what would be the purpose of a puzzle you could never finish? I mean that’s what you’re supposed to with puzzles…finish them.

You: Well I guess that makes some sense. But why do puzzle makers have to make the pieces so similar yet all drastically different? It is just frustrating when you can’t find where a piece is supposed to go. If all the pieces were the same there would be much more order. Every piece could go where ever they wanted, they wouldn’t be limited by having a designated spot, a certain piece. Why would you put limits on the pieces by making them different? All that does is restrict the parameters of what the pieces are able to do. (You finally connected a piece to the one of the end pieces and are increasingly happy with yourself.)

Me: That’s true, but if all the pieces were the same and could go where ever they wanted, there would be no picture that they would create. They would all have to be like blue or grey or some other solid color just to make sense. No bounds equals no picture. When pieces are all different they each have their own individual places forming a picture together with the other little pieces. Unbeknownst to the pieces themselves, they work together to form something unable to be seen at first. So if the pieces were all the same, not only would the puzzle be boring to put together, but it would be boring to look at as well. (I had been working on a large section of puzzle, you watched unhappily as I hooked it into its place).

[The idea that I’m trying to get across can be somewhat summed up within this quote by C. JoyBell C. “We are all equal in the fact that we are all different. We are all the same in the fact that we will never be the same. We are united by the reality that all colours and all cultures are distinct & individual. We are harmonious in the reality that we are all held to this earth by the same gravity. We don’t share blood, but we share the air that keeps us alive. I will not blind myself and say that my black brother is not different from me. I will not blind myself and say that my brown sister is not different from me. But my black brother is he as much as I am me. But my brown sister is she as much as I am me.” ]

You: Why does there have to be a picture anyway?

Me: A puzzle without a picture is a puzzle without a purpose…



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Songs that interest me…

Music is a rather touchy subject if you think about it. People have their favorite artist and artists they absolutely can’t stand. They have genres of music that they love and hate. And when someone says they don’t like a song, an artist, a genre, people get all touchy and angry about it. Aren’t people aloud to have opinions, aren’t we aloud to not like things? I am wired. I don’t like “artists” or ‘genres.” I like songs. If I hear a song and I like, it I get it. But that doesn’t necessarily mean I like the artist, it means I like the particular song.

If you can tell a lot about a person by the music on their iPod, I have no idea what you could tell about me! I have a mishmash of all genres and artists. A bunch of random songs. so here are some songs I, personally, like and have on my iPod: what does it say about me?

A french song by Stromae.

Shakira! Shakira…you know her hips don’t lie.

Kpop, I seriously wish I could dance like that…

Eminem…yep, I look like a looser when I sing/rap this…..

30 Seconds to Mars.

and some good old Kerli to finish it off.


what does your music say about you? Does it mean anything really?